Questions and Answers about Agriculture Tours in Israel.

Agro Tourism

  • What is Agro tourism?

    Agro tourism is about teaching through visits to various types of farms and communities that will enable the tourist to further their interests and knowledge of what Israel has achieved in the agricultural field

  • Why Israel?

    Because of unique initiative, innovation and wise land and water use Israel has been placed at the leading edge of global arid-land agriculture and will give the opportunity to further your knowledge in all types of agricultural production that has been achieved through co-operation between farmers and hi tech researchers.

  • What will I do on an agricultural tour to Israel?

    Visit farms, factories and agricultural institutions.
    Talk to professionals, hear lectures on the different fields of interest.
    In between the professional visits enjoy some sightseeing of the country and visit places such as Jerusalem, Sea of Galilee region, Dead Sea and more.

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