Agricultural tour itineraries to Israel

Planning an Agricultural tour Itinerary

When planning an itinerary for an Agricultural tour to Israel, many factors need to be taken into account. Such tours can be comprised of various types of agriculture, including dairy farming, desert irrigation, drip irrigation, greenhouses, aquaculture, ecological farming and green energy.

Many groups prefer to have an itinerary that includes a wide range of different agricultural fields, while others prefer the main focus to be on the particular field of agriculture that they work in or are interested in learning about.

Agro itineraries generally include visits to farms and facilities to see first hand how Israeli innovations are implemented. They also include lectures and professional meetings with experts in specific fields where visitors can learn as well as ask questions.

Of course, being in the Holy Land means that wherever you travel there is always a biblical or historical site nearby, and so most tours include some sightseeing of this spectacular country that is filled with fascinating places to visit and enjoy.

We offer tailor-made itineraries to suit each group’s needs and interests, making sure to include a variety of sites to visit and professionals to meet. This is to ensure each group receives the maximum information needed to assist them in implementing necessary procedures once back home. Israel is constantly discovering, researching and putting into practice new agricultural methods in order to improve agricultural development. There is always something new and innovative to include in our itineraries.

Agriculture Tours in Israel

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