Introduction to Agriculture in Israel

Geographically the climate of Israel does not tend to be conducive to farming, due to more than half the land area being desert and lacking in water resources and only 20% being normally arable.  Despite these facts agriculture in Israel has become, over the years, a highly developed industry, with Israel becoming a world-leader in agricultural technologies and a major fresh produce Exporter.

Agriculture in Israel has thrived as a result of intense determination, strong government support, applied science and, of course, efficient irrigation methods. All these combinations together with increased research and development have led to dramatic increases in the quantity and quality of crops. Even though Israel is a very small country, the agricultural sector is extremely dynamic and advanced and farmers have developed the managerial abilities and entrepreneurial skills that are required to deal with the modern and vibrant agricultural international market.

Israel’s agricultural successes can be credited to the acceptance and readiness of Israeli farmers to introduce up to date innovations and technological know-how and to cooperate fully with experts and advisors in the field of research and development as well as with agro-technology companies.  These conditions serve as an outstanding testing place for new agro-technology development which can be dispersed around the world for the benefit of all.

Aside from fruit, vegetables, flowers and various grains, agriculture in Israel has become a force to be reckoned with in the fields of dairy farming and aquaculture as well as efficient irrigation methods, greenhouse farming and agriculture in desert areas using brackish water for both agriculture and aquaculture.