An increasing number of Agro Tourists, especially from developing countries, come to Israel to learn about its agricultural achievements including that of Greenhouse cultivation.

Greenhouse cultivation

Greenhouses were originally invented by the Dutch for use in the cool climates of Northern Europe but have since been adapted in Israel for crop cultivation in adverse climate conditions both in the dry arid desert in the south as well as in the cooler northern part of the country with a higher rainfall. The technologies that have been developed have enabled protected conditions for crop cultivation resulting in a consistent supply of products that are of choice quality.

Strawberrys in hydroponic grows
In places where the soil is unsuitable and water scarce, the use of Greenhouses is important as skylights and curtains can be adapted so that sunlight can be filtered providing a controlled temperature and irrigation systems used to overcome shortage of water.

Outside a green house

Greenhouse cultivation provides a high yield of top quality vegetables and flowers for export and has definite advantages over open field operations. Also automation works well in Greenhouse operations and Israeli developed computer hardware and software simplify automated water, fertilizer and climate control. There has also been a program of introducing Plastic greenhouses to be used for sheltering fish farms, poultry and livestock and there are studies on the possibilities of growing various soft fruits like nectarines, loquats and peaches in these protected conditions, as well as grapes and bananas.

Green house in israel
There are a number of Israeli companies manufacturing and exporting high-tech plastic sheeting as well as specializing in custom greenhouse projects. These companies include consultation, installation and maintenance’s as part of their service. Greenhouses are being used increasingly for high value crops and for intensive farming.
Due to technological advances greenhouses have become progressively sophisticated and all through the Israeli countryside more and more State of the art greenhouses are appearing with their shade netting, curtains and skylights which adjust automatically to changing sunlight.

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