Farming in Israel

Farming in Israel is, and has always been, one of the top priorities with new techniques constantly been discovered to improve agriculture growth and development.

Farming in Israel has always been a top priority and many of the techniques that have been developed are connected to water conservation which has been of major importance to the country and in turn could be an important solution to dealing with the hunger that is experienced throughout the third world.

For many years now Israel has been supplying technologies to a large amount of countries that help to deal with the conservation and efficient use of water. New systems are being developed on a regular basis particularly with water recycling and reclamation of water resources.  The first practical Drip Irrigation system was developed by Simcha Blass, an Israeli Engineer. This system saves water and at the same time results in a high agricultural yield that has greatly increased production for Israeli farmers.

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Because research in farming methods is a top priority in Israel and even though there was, until a while ago, a serious lack of water, Israel is the only country worldwide that has a higher number of trees today than it had at the beginning of the 20th century. It is also a fact that 1000 square meters of cultivated land in Israel has a yield of up to 30 times higher than the same size of land in a regular agricultural country.

Farming in Israel has also benefited from the discovery that various crops react and respond in a number of different ways according to the colour of the shading nets used, and this method is now being used and developed intensively in a large number of European countries

Israel has become a world leader in the production of seed and the development of special varieties of fruit and vegetables, especially in various strains of cherry tomatoes, melons and other fruits which have become top market leaders in many countries including Europe. A large percentage of spices, as much as 70% reach European markets and other developments by Israeli farmers are being marketed and grown worldwide.

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Israel Dairy farming

Dairy farming in Israel has been extremely successful and it is an interesting fact that milk yield from cows in Israel hold the world record and countries in the Far East are finding the technologies used and important part of their dairy farming methods. Countries in Africa are increasingly using methods that are practiced by Farmers on Israeli Kibbutzim and Moshavim.

Israel`s Dairy Industry

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