Overcoming Developmental and environmental challenges

Ever since its inception, there have been many developmental and environmental challenges to face in the field of agriculture in Israel. This young country has been extremely successful in meeting the required challenges mainly due to national commitment and a further combination of sophisticated technology and innovation. All this has assisted Israeli farmers to modernize and readjust to changing market and climatic conditions resulting in a strong base from which to proceed in the future.

From the outset water scarcity has been an ongoing threat but because of the high investment in research and development, the popular drip irrigation was invented and more recently the development of unique water technologies has made Israel a world leader in farming in arid conditions and the ability to make the desert bloom. This has been achieved due to research and investment in drought resistant plant species as well as green/hot house technologies and aquaculture.


Agriculture in Israel has been sustained due to the country’s long years of experience in dealing with limited water resources that has made it a leader in all water sector aspects that are now being used by countries around the world especially those with growing populations and a scarcity of water and food resources. Israel is also providing an example of how to re-create forests and parks in dry lands.

Israel has always had a tradition of developing agriculture in an extremely difficult environment and there still remains a culture of continuous innovation and problem solving in all sectors including the agricultural sector.  In this way agriculture in Israel will continue to develop and thrive.