Agriculture in Israel

Successful Agriculture in Israel
What is the Big Secret?

Agriculture in Israel is the success story of a long, hard struggle against unfavorable conditions and of making maximum use of scarce water and arable land.

“High-Tech Helps Grow Fruits and Vegetables in Israeli Desert” *

The agricultural sector is based on Research & Development (R&D), implemented by cooperation between farmers and researchers. Research results are quickly transmitted through an extension service system to the field for trial, and problems are brought directly to the scientists for solutions.

“Scientists at the Arava center are rolling out the produce of the future, including floating mini-watermelons and the world’s only purple beans” *

Dairy cows

Israel’s dairy cows are, on average, the world champions in milk production, having average yield per cow of 10,000 liters through scientific breeding and genetic testing carried out by the Volcani Institute.

“Cow milk is a fairly recent addition to the Chinese diet. Chinese dairy companies are turning to the acknowledged authority on the milking business: Israel. ” *

Israeli agriculturists have pioneered agricultural biotechnology, trickle-drip irrigation, soil solarization and the sustained use of industrial waste water for agriculture.

open day exhibition arava

These advances have been applied to profitable products, ranging from genetically-engineered seeds and biopesticides to light-degradable plastics and computerized irrigation/fertilization systems.

“Seed giant Monsanto has closed the acquisition of Israel’s Rosetta Green, which makes engineered seeds for farmers and has agreed to pay $35 million for Rosetta.”

*Haaretz Israel news 2013

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